Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A Tornado in Delco?

The mini tornado/hail storm in Deleware County on June 24th was over just as quick as it came pouring in. Insane winds followed by a down-pour of golf ball sized hail and heavy rain was enough to cause more storm related damage this area has seen in my lifetime.

Luckily very few injuries were reported despite the danger of trees getting tossed around as if they were as light as a feather.
Because of this damage, our area has new roofing, siding, window screens, downspouts, gutters, windows and more being installed. If you need an estimate for any storm related damages and don't want to put your faith in all of the out-of-town contractors flooding in, give us a call.
This house in lansdowne was built around this elm tree long ago. After 108 years of providing shade, the elm snapped like a twig in the heavy wind.

Here's an inside view of the elm tree.

Sorry to see the tree go, and most of the roof with it. Luckily the house is all back in order now.
My truck got hit when (4) giant pines turned into weapons of mass destruction.

This incident certainly kept my auto body guys busy. This Dodge has plenty of life left in her now that she's been repaired.


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Very Disturbing pictures ...I hope they recover soon

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It could be nature's way of telling us to be friendly to the environment if we want nature to be friendly to us too.

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